Goode Street School, Montgomery, Alabama


Goode Street School (1925-1998)
Montgomery, Alabama

In 1998, or early 1999, Goode Street School at 1000 Goode Street, Montgomery, Alabama was demolished by Liberty Design & Contruction Company, Inc. In 2001 the brand new E.D. Nixon Elementary School opened on the same spot to replace the old school. If you have Google Earth, you can open this file to go there.

My name is Ken Seamon. This nostalgic page is dedicated to the old Goode Street School (also known as Goode Street Elementary School) that was demolished. It was my first school, and I was there from the 1st grade to the 4th grade (1959 to 1963). My brother (Dan), who is a year and 6 months older than me, went there too. My teachers were, in order: Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Harbin, Mrs. Osteen, and Mrs. DuBose - splendid teachers all. The school Principal was Mr. Henry McNeil.

Goode Street School was an elementary school for grades 1 to 6. It opened its doors in 1925, and many thousands of students passed through its halls in 70+ years. When it was torn down to make way for the new school, it pretty much vanished from all but the memories of the remaining alumni. There are no records of its history on the Internet, nor any pictures of it until this page was published today (9-Nov-09). [The above picture, taken by me in 1977, is hereby placed in the Public Domain.] I'm sure that there must be offline archival records in various state and county files, but I don't have access to them, as I'm now living outside the USA. It would be nice to find and publish a blueprint, or architectural drawing, of the school.

I guess most people, with the passage of time, have fond memories of their first school, when they were pretty much at the beginning of childhood. When I was there, Goode Street Elementary School was a progressive school with a wide range of student activities, and it even had levels placement. For example, if you were in the 3rd grade, but you read at a 5th grade level, then you would go to a 5th grade level reading class during the reading period.

The school principal, Mr. Henry McNeil, was much admired by the parents and teachers. I remember that he once set aside normal school classes so that everyone could watch a bank of four television sets in the auditorium to see the news coverage of astronaut John Glenn orbiting the earth. Mr. McNeil would also invite parents with their children to his farm to ride horses, go fishing, and eat barbecue.

I have happy memories of playing football on the school's football field. My brother and I were in the Termite division for Clardy's Appliance Store (the team was Clardy's Termites), in the Montgomery Y football league. We played softball and baseball on the school's baseball field. It was also great fun being a Sergeant in the Junior Traffic Police with my gray uniform with yellow stripe down the sides of the pants, silver badge (from the real Police Department!), and my traffic-stopping yellow flag ready rain or shine. My brother was head honcho, the only Captain of the Patrol Boys. Our crossing lady (Mrs. Brooks?) was an actual uniformed police woman with a whistle. And Goode Street School had the best Halloween carnival a kid could imagine. There was also a very small grocery store at the corner of the football field where memorable snacks and treats were bought by every kid in school. Many good memories flowed from the school, and I won't try to list them all here.

So, if you can provide any pictures, stories, or history of Goode Street School, please contact me and I will include your comments and pictures on this site. Thanks for your help.

For her vital research, special thanks goes to:

Charlotte Meadows
District 2
Montgomery Public School (MPS) Board of Education

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