Goode Street School, Montgomery, Alabama


Goode Street School (1925-1998)
Montgomery, Alabama

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Goode Street School property description

A property description of Goode Street School in PDF file format.

According to Fixed Assets records compiled several years ago by the MPS Operations Department, the land (7.2 acres) was purchased in 1922 for $13,550. The school was built in 1925.

Goode Street School Ball Field

Goode Street Ball Field. I occassionally saw The King and his Court softball team play evening games here under the lights. The pitcher was so fast, that his 3 fielders would sit down while he struck out the other team.

Goode Street School rear view

A rear view of the school. The kitchen\lunch room was in the middle. I remember the lunch room was behind the auditorium. The foreground grass is where we had football practice.

Goode Street School 2nd grade class picture

My 2nd grade class picture in the auditorium. I'm the kid sitting on the left in the first row of chairs, just in front of the teacher, Mrs. Harbin. Principal McNeil is standing at the right.

Goode Street School 3rd grade class picture

My brother's 3rd grade class picture. He's 3rd from the left, front row. Mrs. McNeese was the teacher. Principal McNeil is standing at the right.

Goode Steet School movie 1997

Here's a bit shakey 2 minute and 31 second hand-held videocam movie, made in 1997. When we came back in late 1999, Goode Street Elementary School was gone, just an empty lot - and kind of a shock.

This is a 19 megabyte WMV (Window Media Video) file. If you need a player, VLC Media Player is a very good free one.

YouTube - Goode Street School

The YouTube version of the above video.


Goode Street School Christmas pagent

A Christmas pagent, presented by Mrs. Malloy's 4th grade class. My brother is 4th from the left, front row. Here's a partial participants list. My mother drew and painted the backdrop of Joseph and Mary travelling.

Rough floorplan and grounds drawing for Goode Street School

This is a rough floorplan and drawing of the grounds for Goode Street School. It's only generally accurate, because I just slapped it together.


Goode Street Schoo 1 grade class picture

My brother's 1st grade class picture from 1958. He's in the middle of the photo, sitting at a desk. By the time I started in 1959, I think everybody had their own desk. The teacher is Miss Ray.

Stone facade detail of Goode Street Elementary School

Using a blurry picture from the video, I offer my best guess at what was carved in the stone facade above the entrance. I'm certain about the "open book in the wreath".

Somewhere near the entrance was a brass plaque with the construction date. I wonder who has that plaque now?

Patrol Boy

My brother in his Patrol Boy uniform. Patrol boys had to have A\B grades and show up early every day to raise the US flag, drag the metal patrol man to the middle of the street, and wave their STOP flags at traffic. They also were the last to go home after school. Next year (5th grade) he was Captain.

Goode Street School Keychain pictures

I managed to hold on to these keychain plastic picture viewers over the years. The green one is marked "Delmar Colorscope". I used to have some report cards too, but they are long since gone.

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